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Imp Gr Ch Buuraphaa Autumn Belle      Ch El Buuraphaa Orsipetrika

Chocolate Ticked Tabby                              Black ticked tabby


Buuraphaa are Oriental Cat Breeders situated in the beautiful Blackdown hills near Taunton in Somerset, close to junctions 26 and 25 of the M5.

Buuraphaa means Oriental in Thai and is our registered prefix with the GCCF.

Orientals are a unique breed of cats that are vocal, intelligent and playful. We fell in love with our first Oriental “Raa”, a beautiful Chocolate Spotted Tabby who had been rescued by the Cats Protection League. He had a really lovely temperament and when he passed on we missed him so much, we decided we just had to have another Oriental. So we set about finding his breeder and ended up coming back with two bundles of joy; Apple, a Black Smoke and his brother from the same litter Crumble, a Caramel Classic. Sadly Crumble passed away 12 years later and Apple was very lonely without his brother, so we decided to hunt for another caramel. It took a while but we finally managed to find “Evie” who is a Caramel Tortie Silver Oriental Shaded Tabby.  Apple was very pleased with his new companion. She has a lovely temperament and has proved to be a really devoted and capable Mum producing lovely kittens. Evie will be retiring this year.

We have met some lovely people since becoming involved with Oriental cats. We are grateful to them all but would single out for particular thanks:

Linda and Bert of Kimelpha for letting us have our foundation queen Kimelpha Midsummer’s Eve (‘Evie’)

Marian and Frank of Barbecco Cats for letting us use Imperial Grand Champion Westgarth Foolsgold (‘Yoda’) and for all their kind expert advice

Celia of Shermese Cats for letting us broaden our line by using her boys and for all her knowledgeable guidance

My aim is to breed healthy, confident, loving kittens who will have a happy life in their permanent homes. The kittens are reared in our home as part of the family, until they are ready to leave for their new home at around 14 weeks, by which time they will be GCCF Registered, fully vaccinated, wormed and have four weeks health insurance with Pet Plan. We provide a five generation pedigree, diet sheet, food samples and a cosy blanket.

We do not sell kittens on the active register.


A kitten is a lifetime commitment and should not be entered into lightly. If you wish to be considered for a kitten, please send me an e-mail with your contact details, some information about yourself, stating preferred sex and colour, or contact me on my mobile or home telephone. A non-returnable deposit is required when reserving a kitten.

Oriental cats need love, attention and your company so they are not suited to owners who work full time unless they have other cats for companionship. We do not sell kittens to families with very young children. Our kittens usually only go to indoor homes or where their owners are prepared to build a suitable enclosed safe area in their garden.

The purchase contract will state that if, for any reason, you are unable to continue to care for your cat it should be:

1. Returned to us or

2. Only be re-homed with our full consent.